MaGeeks uses cookies on the site to make your experience more enjoyable.

A cookie is a text file stored on the user's device by the server of the website visited and containing data about the user or his device. However, you don't have to allow cookies to be used in your browser to access the Site.

When you browse the site, cookies can be placed on your device to collect anonymous and personal data about you, as identified in this Cookie Policy.

During the first visit to the Site, privacy information and consent about the use of cookies will appear in a cookie banner on the homepage. If you continue to actively use the Site and do not actively object to the use of cookies, you consent to the use of cookies by MaGeeks and your consent will be retained in your browser. Thus, the information of the "cookie headband" should not be reproduced on each page of the Site or on a future connection. In the event that your consent is no longer registered in your browser (for example, if your cookies are deleted), the "cookie headband" will reappear on your next visit to the Site.

You can delete cookies in your browser settings at any time. Note, however, that by leaving cookies active, you get a better browsing experience and that by removing cookies, some features of the Site that require the use of such cookies may no longer be available.


MaGeeks installs and uses several types of cookies:

  • Functional cookies technically required for the site or some of its features to function properly
  • Non-functional cookies. They improve your site browsing experience by recording certain data (which saves you from having to re-introduce such data with each connection) and by tailoring the site's content to your preferences. They also allow you to obtain statistics on the use of the Site or to present you with advertising offers that may be of interest to you.
  • Functional cookies do not require your prior consent. Non-functional cookies can be installed and used on the basis of your consent.
  • Recommendation cookies / Google Remarketing. They are used to display content that matches the user's interests and for the site to function properly.
  • Personalization cookies. They are used to display content relevant to users registered on the Site.